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It very much was pleasant at once to me. Color of this hoodie simply bewitched my eyes. I am an artist and in general very sensitive nature. Therefore I already began to try to discover this hoodie in crowd. Very much it was pleasant to me its unusual voice and a conversation manner.

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Here already all happy and drunk gather home. He helped me to put on and saw to the house. Case in editorial office of the glamour magazine Shouts, scratch and roar ended. We lay in fragments of a table and a heap of papers in a complete silence with the lowered pants. To rise any more there were no forces.

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And as soon as I thought of it me sharp pain from which my body was extended on a strunka pierced and from eyes tears scattered. All muscles strained and me started to shake from an orgasm. I remember only pain displaced with an orgasm. When I departed from an orgasm and a muscle relaxed I involuntarily seized for a bottom and began to rub it. In ears everything ringed and through this ring I heard Olga's voice. She embraced me.

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Then again threw a foot on a foot and turned back to Simeon Kuzmich. The heap of compliments and more sexual toasts further followed. After one of them Alenych rose from a chair and, having turned a bottom to the boss, bent down to unbutton boots and showed magnificent naked the daddy. On a face of the boss the blissful smile blossomed.