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Thanks for the invitation Yury sat down about it, having attached nearby a sports bag. Here you to us presented, and us to you leaves and is not present, the disorder leaves, Yury Nikolaevich again поддернул his young man. Let's leave this unofficial tone, it is possible simply Yura. Well, it absolutely another story, and I simply Sascha the guy gave a hand to it. Julia shortly said it, without having looked at all at Yury or Sascha, de of bark a look that carrying by behind a window the trees, removed constructions interest it much more.

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Having talked about work and the staff of its department, General started to transfer smoothly conversation to a personal subject, asking about Ania's marital status. I married, answered the wife, 2 years. this very good offer, here only I cannot understand, than I such deserved, Ania asked. and you are pleasant, pleasant to me as the woman, the director general answered. And I offer you this position, not at once certainly month through one and a half you it receive, and in exchange I want from you execution of my sexual requirements, in other words.

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Only I sweated, as all places which were smeared by the Chinese, suddenly the beginning strongly to bake. The vanity did not allow to give a sign, but long so there were to suffer no forces. Below Alexey freely settled down, being kneeling over Larissa's lying already by the person up head. Suddenly it took absolutely small flat dish, hooked a finger and began to mass that one that other nipple, strongly pressing a thumb and carefully rubbing cream. Having once again scooped from a flat dish, it slowly carried out small pillows of fingers on the stomach middle, lovingly made some massing movements and went down to a crotch.

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Passed it is no more than ten minutes, as my hearing was disturbed by a sound of coming nearer steps. Kind night. It was the soft and innocent female voice. The kind.