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And in four months, having achieved, at last, divorce from the ex-husband, my favourite Mote, became my beloved wife. It went to undersign, is proud without hiding sticking out изпод a dress of a roundish tummy. We hope that at us the son by all means will be born. After all, loving each other on a floor, we conceived it in such Spartan conditions.

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In few minutes into a room entered Vladimir with Sergey and put on a little table near a sofa a bottle of cognac and fruit. But now on it to me was to spit. Without posing as the innocent girl, I having quickly drunk with guys three wine-glasses of cognac, decently became tipsy. Vladimir sitting near me, kissed my handle and smiled, And now a crumb dance a striptease for us.

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Amin made a sigh and stood for two seconds. It seemed to me that there passed the whole minute. She understood, it is impossible what to say lies. Brought the fingers to a glass and started to drive on it a forefinger on its upper edge.

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Near it. It was in my imaginations, dreams, it was romanticism and inspiration, I again wanted to draw. I gave it so much, how many could give tendernesses, feelings, heat. All her body was a continuous erogenous zone, and answered any touches.