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So Ilya approach to it in учаге, I told. On December 29 after classes Ilya approached to me. Here at a door who that moved and Ilya stopped, I beckoned it a finger hinting at that that we will not open a door, it again drained in me, but his hands already touched my buttocks and a breast, Ilya unbuttoned to me a blouse and reached a brassiere, rolled out from there breast and began to drive gently a uvula on mm nipples, I felt as am raised my nipples hardened, and in shorts was already wet. In kisses Ilya moved me to a sofa, again lifted up a skirt but this time already on the waist, removed from me a blouse and put a cancer on a sofa.

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On it all the Cleaner As that, years in 25 worked in one firm. Collecting was much and it was necessary to be late at office. Instead of the old grandmother who dragged all the time food from the refrigerator, the handles, the drunk not enough cognac. And, here instead of it the woman of years 45, not so sinoptichny, but very figuristy with a large white bust came to work. I without hesitating put a hand in trousers and corrected the fighter up.

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The nonsense it everything, the beautiful fairy tale on beautiful life, but after all is not present eternal happiness, however, as well as eternal pleasure. And it anywhere you will not find, how many do not look for. No, I, of course, do not deny, a role of the Highest force, but ourselves see life such what we want it to see. Tell still that we have the government which we deserve and so on.

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Deeply. You groan from pleasure, it strongly raises me and I stop not to terminate. I lay down on you a body and I insert the member into a cat deeply and so I start to bang. I notice that you the handle finger a clitoris. You подмахиваешь a bottom in a step with me and me very much raise it. And you finish a few minutes more and simply lie.