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It was the blow below the belt, he obviously did not expect such question, but почемуто considered it timely. Well, I consider that life is made, in it there is everything that is necessary to the person, it is possible to find, it is necessary only very to want, manage to find, make every effort. Unfortunately, many leave, without having understood it. The nonsense it everything, the beautiful fairy tale on beautiful life, but after all is not present eternal happiness, however, as well as eternal pleasure.

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I unbuttoned a belt, buttons on trousers, lowered a lightning on a fly. The marine, at last, brought together all necessary for preparation of coffee and left in other room. I did not begin it to tell anything. I slowly rose, removed boots and began to pull together trousers.

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Hello Inna entered into a hall. No, thanks, the girl thanked him, let's start at once. Well, I ask you in a room. Sit down please in a chair. Yes, and details теже, I every evening in advance know that I will dream. Inna closed eyes, was arranged more conveniently and started to retell the nightmare.

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Yes. I, understand it. Such things do not speak, even to very close girlfriends. She, itself offered me herself, instead of that she becomes the senior seller of your department. I repent, I did not resist temptation, and gave on this consent. Too beautiful and seductive she is a woman.