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Awareness of incredibility of a situation punched me as paper. In meter from me two men professionally kindle my wife who is already ready on everything, between my knees the figurine with porcelain skin and brilliant sits, colors воронова covered with hair and with ecstasy my rather big member accepts in the children's mouth. And all this at bright electric light. From this picture sperm blew up in Irina's mouth.

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Before leaving the guy that that spoke to the friends, them was three who all of them who did not know are, said that they invited from the bride. We left to smoke, in the same place there were also these guys who that of us told them that your friend will break off, as went to see off the married touchy person. Guys laughed, it went not to see off her, and to bang. We too laughed and it too hard to it, she is the true wife, we tried to drive already to it, each of us, tried to approach in due time on it, but it broke off all. Well and the Shred will not refuse, he is the specialist in such true wives, he says that true does not happen, and if to whom refuse, then they badly ask, the Shred still who did not refuse, even the most modest and true became his mistresses, and then and ours, they began to neigh.

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Twenty minutes I span in front of the mirror while the equipment of a voice scanned me and read out data. You are on a planet Kama Sutra, it is in 25 light years from your star. This planet one of the centers tourism sex in your galaxy. Moral laws here do not operate, on it people generally wear erotic clothes and accessories.

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The mood at the beginning of day was spoiled, Having approached on a building and having parked the car. It rose by the eighth floor in the office. In a reception the secretary already sat. Ekaterina passed in the office, removed a short fur coat and sat down in a chair. Having clasped hands the head, stayed .