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In general, Sergey's member brought it into indescribable delight. It was such as it was pleasant to it. Rather long and moderately thick well to feel, how it hardly slides in a vagina. In the first night, he got over on Elena's bed, and посношав it before going to bed, instantly fell asleep. Sergey lived at it not week, and the whole month.

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I did not wish to destroy the marriage and the more so the stranger. at my office many men and only some women among them I the most beautiful and attractive work. but to leave marks there where you work to me nevertheless it would not be desirable. certainly the alcohol does the and on the next office party I appeared in embraces of one not absolutely attractive man. certainly will work for its seducing to me it was necessary a little, but only because he was afraid of change.

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On a room the exciting smell of good man's cologne floated. In the evening, already sitting in a cafe and having a little drunk, they, trying to outvoice a roar of columns, amicably told stories from the programmer lives. It was so close and clear to Olga that she sincerely regretted that national music under which you will not dance around rattles and will not talk quietly, and that tell a half of that simply is not audible. Sergey suggested to transfer a sit-round gathering to it home, chetno having warned that about to devour at his place with a sphere drive, since relatives are not present, they on holiday, and it eats only semi-finished products. But there is a normal music and it is possible to talk quietly, and it is possible to look at its listings not used in business at programs. As it bypassed a problem of not being joined massifs for the last project.

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Я felt his body, its eggs, it член. сам did not expect but I terminated under it when his member strained and merged in me. Now we visit it together with zhenoy. neozhidanno it it appeared our general lover. We bang my wife together then it has me. About the friend it not соврал.