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Turkish weekend First part. My name is Victor, me 38 years, my wife were executed 31 years this year, it is my second marriage, the truth the first lasted some years which I if remember, only as bad experience. We lead usual family life where there is a place for pleasure, for family scandals which quickly come to an end, as a rule, I I act as the initiator of reconciliation. The wife likes to drink and will have fun, but always perfectly looks for the morning that you will not tell, of course, about me. We have the eleven-year son who has been a little indulged, but, generally, the good boy, the person in mother, and character in me.

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Thanks, I very much love cognac and this is my darling. in a toilet I hurry up she laughed in reply. She gave a hand to me. I helped it to rise. It rose, sighed, having slightly swayed, and laughed. yes I am already simply indecently drunk, I see nothing she whispered.

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I did not feel almost Katya's language as all was concentrated to a cocksucking if so it was possible to call it. Certainly I did not expect such sex, it was not so romantic any more. To us let's take rest, I laid down near Ket, ironed her body, it was all in a perspiration. Walls, seeing as rigidly got my mouth, calmed down a little, and I felt as jealousy in it gave way to pity. I lay on a back, Katya laid down from above on me, on a stomach. This time it entered.

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She noticed that cannot concern him differently. She was confused only that she looked at it, as on the man. To it it was awfully awkward for it even before by itself, but it was not in forces to consult with the feelings. It was not subject to it. Meanwhile, she perfectly understood that should not show obviously them before Sergey. To anything to confuse the boy.