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Alik did not lag behind also. We in four hands caressed my beloved wife and it gave all three huge pleasure. The dyne pulled me for the member, letting know that she wants to take it in a mouth. I accepted a position that it to make, but hands to me it was necessary to rest against a bed. Now only Alik's hands caressed her body, but two members pierced in her body since the different ends.

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The body beats a shiver and on the brink I again took an edge and drew heart at it on a stomach. Bloody symbol of my love. She cried. I whispered to it. I love you, a pearl.

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With these words it pulled out a belt from trousers and waved with it in air. Kneel before the daddy. The another's Also it is a pity. You.

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She swam before us holding the head over water not to wet it. At once Dima opened eyes and saw that she swims without a scarf on the head and already from it it was shocked. He looked at it, then on me, then on it. I still pretended that I do not see all this. It relaxed and watched it.