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Carefully and accurately I moved a hand forward, there, where, for my reasons, there should be her waist, but was nothing, I stood, where it, and suddenly on my palm its palm again laid down, no, now I will not release it. I strong seized her hand and pulled to myself. It gave in, still, still. Back, so back, I carried out a hand further, clasped it under a stomach and one movement densely drew to myself. I was struck with the impudence.

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Marinochka, and we to you ляльку brought, sit down more conveniently and give it сисю. Not бойсялялька quiet, Tanya pleased когото. Now at you the milk will go, should go. Placed us in specially fenced off corner veiled by sheets. I felt on lips brought to me сисю, the bulked-up nipple.

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We first couple of days as usual carried out in number and in the pool. Ate, floated and struck. Then it became boring and started to study other part of the territory of hotel. Started to spend time in the sea, to be engaged in different types of aquatics. I played football, volleyball etc.

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The wild nature is wise, I thought. At my order were both bottom, and top parts. But почемуто behind. No, nevertheless more likely the bottom. In the wild nature I should publish the satisfied roar. But now I was silent, as a mouse.