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Drunk and posvoy it was very interesting to impudent young woman to watch further development of a plot, and she decided for herself that today it will give all of them, but on the conditions. It would be desirable to forget and jump over the Turkish epic a new adventure, with new participants and rules of the game. So, it joined in this game as the director. Dancing, at first everyone separately, imperceptibly formed a triangle in which center there was young and such woman attractive to children. Triangle tops the strongest magnet the core drew it.

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It is time to me to sleep, and you too sleep. We met In the Imperial estate. The same surroundings, as well as at our first meeting. Only now there was a hot summer, and then there was a cold windy spring day. In the subway however we even burst out crying, and long could not come off from each other. Went on the same paths, as to the first meeting.

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Gently lips the member in a mouth took it and started to move the head. The member entered not completely as was very big. Minutes 10 I suffered but it was not raised at all plainly. And he decided to make everything.

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People on the street were strangers, and anybody in our party and was not going to look. We returned under a blanket. He promised to pick up another for the following time. We honestly made mutual massage.