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Incorrect spouse The apartment, very much was pleasant to it. Such apartment, she wanted to have all life. Big, light, convenient four room apartment which has been perfectly arranged with expensive brand new furniture. Even cartridges, for the videorecorder, it provided.

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I took a towel and dry wiped still the excited body of the girlfriend, each her fold, each hillock, it gently held my drooped member in the hands and smiled. Having left a stuffy bath on an easy morozets, I looked in the dark star sky, on distant posts lighting rockets, zelenokrasny routes from bullets as if glowworms were carried away in the sky soared up. There was not a real feeling. In total in kilometer from tent it was possible to be hit easily a bullet in a forehead, and here in a soldier's bath life and human lust triumphed. It would be desirable to live, simply to live.

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Yana came in front and clung lips to my lips. The kiss was purely French with rough zasosy the language, the mouth opened to a limit, passionate, insatiable. Our lips flitted, languages intertwined. They filled up me on a sofa, and Yana climbed to me on a breast and drew near my person closely. I seized it by buttocks and involved in the lips.

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I know that it to be pleasant to Irka, when it admire, it is not important as where, and at times even who, admiration is important, it was visible as it it is simple to get a great kick out of it. On it, that she told about Leshka, I think that the truth and I think that it was pleasant to her, as Leshka always said that Irka the beauty, but it told it only when Margarita was not close, and that Irka with Margarita started to pout at each other, and knowing this is Leshka praised it in special cases and without witnesses. I any more am not jealous long ago Irka, silly, I know that she loves me, and not important whom she embraces during dances and to whom gives smacking kiss in a cheek, it very much it to be pleasant to it and probably even this same it to be pleasant to me as I often looked at it, on that as, чьито hands laid down it on hips. Well it is fine about it.