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I know, почемуто Ira was confused. I too was called. Very pleasantly, Ira again was confused. I took a pile of disks from Kolyan's table, it picked up the bag, and we went to the next office. Well, look.

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Julia came and looked round. In the chair with a beer bottle Ilya Sergeyevich at the table sat, on a sofa at a wall settled down, too with beer, his friend, small growth the man about one age with the chief. Shout, do not shout, We on the top floor, and under us the office is closed, from there last month moved down. And watchman Vitya, it, by the way, also closed a door behind you, on a chickie. So Julia, undress to shorts, we while will drink up beer. I to you not the whore before you to undress.

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Wine glasses were filled. Lyudochka crept away in a drunk smile. She looked at champagne and frowned a little, obviously to drink it it would not be desirable any more. Gendir slightly pushed under an elbow, and she had to drink to the bottom, having drunk, she tastefully hiccupped and reddened. It really was the little fool, but the little fool изза the youth.

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The man took me for the head and a confident movement inclined directly to the member. I opened eyes, the big stone dick was before my person and with force rested against my lips. I opened a mouth, it is rather from surprise and impudence as hot хуй it appeared there. It developed me as it is sure and sharp as the member thrust just into my mouth. I appeared on a floor between seats, a cancer. And he took off from me pants and jostled huge хуй in my cunt.