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If we decided to leave on walk or to have supper in cafe I always chose a skirt in which it should go. Campaigns in restaurant were always coordinated for 3 days earlier, and all three days my any limited me in sex in order that I got hungry and was on a summit of the desires. There was a rule concerning me that before leaving in restaurant, I owed it отлизать her cat. ouch and darling darling, I your wife I will not break any more your rules, I will obey, and I will follow all your instructions. Darling your desires for me the law.

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She put one hand to me on a hip, I strained from it a little, but right there relaxed, having felt, as her quick uvula licks my ear. I was ready to terminate from it. A marine having licked the sponges, passionately kissed me on the mouth, occasionally biting that sucking at them. M and here now also you learn with a smile she answered. The marine sat down on me from above, her smart breast, was well visible by moonlight. It while was held down by a beautiful lacy brassiere.

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Yaroslav, help me please, at me hair got to a lightning, I can not clasp a dress. Lenka turns to me a back. On it a long dress with a lightning to a waist beginning below. And it is valid in a lightning, clasped without reaching shovels, its magnificent hair and a lightning got got stuck. Well, I think to do, not to force the girl to go on shop in the dress unbuttoned on a half, and I probably for it, now the loved one to whom it was possible will address for the help. After all any more the first year is worked together both wine, and vodka is during this time drunk, much.

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The moment came to solve, who to the house will carry it. Decided to throw on matches, well and as you already, probably, guessed the short got to me. Men sympathetically patted shoulder supposedly today you, and tomorrow we, and rushed to fun. When Vera Ivanovna returned, I took an interest, as she feels, and suggested it to bring it home. She right there agreed.