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Alik entered the semi-standing member into me completely and laid down on me. I was at pleasure top. We lay in this situation very long. I felt Alik's weight on myself, I felt it the member in myself.

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I cried and with an echo I was answered by Katya finishing once again. When she rose and I pulled out the member, from her vagina to me on a stomach sperm dug. Likely in a uterus there was its such quantity that if my princess was polovozrely, in nine months I unequivocally would become a father. But to my happiness while Katyushkin can fill in a uterus with sperm that I and did, finishing mainly only in it.

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That day on it the lilac fitting T-shirt and jeans was put on. And so. I came after consultation, and houses nobody appeared, and I forgot keys. I went down and went for a walk. But thus I left things on watch.

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Behind this not so decent occupation also found it Light. Light with pleasure reached and stared at Ooze then hastened to cover the nakedness. The left hand having pinched itself for an ear, whether checking a dream to it dreams, after that as though coming to the senses, suffering a question where I and where my things having wrapped up in a cover пошлепала in a bathroom in passing raking up the scattered things. okonchatelno having sobered up Light entered into a room, in a chair having drawn in feet and having embraced them the gone nuts Ooze sat.