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To me as if connected a current, the body began to shake, bent in a sweet spasm. I did not test such perfect and long bliss never. Candies and slid between the member and a playful uvula, freezing, raising. The saliva and greasing were so quickly developed that she only managed to swallow.

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In the next booth slapped a door. Rustling of a lifted skirt was distributed. Lenka looked at the slippery finger and put it, this time to my mouth. Michel My wife died 5 years ago, it was certainly the hard blow for me, but nevertheless the love storming in us during youth, already ceased, besides I was already morally ready to it, it had a cancer of a throat and she slowly died already in a current of year so the death became its disposal of sufferings. Two months which have passed after her death, I practically do not remember, pomnyumny drank, often did not spend the night at home, remaining in an insole drunk for the night with friends. Women were not, and I can simply them did not remember in drunk waste, so it is possible to consider that they were not.

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I gave smacking kiss to Nadia in lips and started to kiss her neck. Then slowly started it to bite slightly. Nadia embraced my head hands and slightly постанывала. I alternated kisses and stings, and it was pleasant to both of us.

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All this reminded me a scene from the erotic film, but only here all on the present. Pain and humiliation too presents. We obediently nodded, in agreement and proceeded in garage. I do not know Nast. I fatefully answered.