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I listened, seemingly, nobody our silent fuss disturbed. In chamber it was silent, short of puffing sleeping and mutter of the filling up. To pull I began carefully and accurately its T-shirt up, it appeared absolutely simply, the T-shirt was such short, and here under my palm her smooth warm stomach, her waist. I gently stroked, won, so it is not enough of it and very much. My fingers as if operated кемто more skilled, went to travel on her back, and here it, the first serious purpose, a brassiere fastener, I touch it, I get acquainted with a design, it seems I think, as it to use.

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When, thought that I can to raise so the look the young man. Svetlana rose. It a finger took a sperm droplet from a corner of the mouth and, having pinched a uvula, went to the table. I want to undergo practical training correctly.

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Here in a dining-car Sascha accurately got put a tray on which four plates with small sliced sausages, cheese, with amateur salad and sandwiches comfortably took place on a table. It quickly poured cognac in in advance prepared wine glasses. The toast told by it was too banal, however, as well as all the subsequent not only toasts, but also remarks. Only Julia was silent more and more, occasionally becoming the participant of dialogue. In process of succession of events Yury felt any insuperable barrier between the simple talkative fellow and the serious girl full of mysterious charm more and more. So behind the empty conversations deprived of everyone sense, the rare toasts said generally by Sascha, time of the first stop after Moscow came.

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Having hanged up it looked at Sascha and coquettishly corrected a skirt. Yes Sash guessed. Агаа. excuse that I at you Sash with it so разговаривала. мы always so we flirt.