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Well and this voice seemed to me familiar, aha so same Sergey with whom I danced recently. yes it already all flows he told to Sergey, Hungry Lyudka In the spring to the 2006th me 27 years were just executed. Works was though take away. Vopervykh, the mother washing kept some trading pavilions.

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Drank a konyachka, conversation was switched to Masha, I began to provoke Mashinogo the chief, saying that with it probably is very pleasantly worked. He attentively looked at me. I отсел on a chair also provided Ashota my wife, having told that I will observe while from outside. He undressed, and I saw that Cars the lover is extremely hairy, his member is thicker than mine and with a bend. Masha became before Ashotom a cancer, having turned to me buttocks and the member began to lick to it. Then swallowed a head and began to suck away Armenian хуй, publishing champing sounds and postanyvy.

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Lyudochka shook a coat hanger, darted at me a playful glance and nodded, agreeing. From an anticipation of possible possession so desired body, at me even the back got wet. Without getting to a keyhole a key, I чертыхнулся, once again tried to insert a key, but during this moment the door opened and the huge big fellow grew in an aperture. I was dumbfounded stared at it, at the same time feeling that the hope of continuation of wonderful evening thaws in the face of.

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There people lead absolutely other life, and the time of day for them has no special value. Here and Mari did not look tired though hour was late. We spoke much, approaching more and more. Wine appeared extremely amazing. After it there was a sweet smack which could be compared to taste of a kiss of the beloved.