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To pull I began carefully and accurately its T-shirt up, it appeared absolutely simply, the T-shirt was such short, and here under my palm her smooth warm stomach, her waist. I gently stroked, won, so it is not enough of it and very much. My fingers as if operated кемто more skilled, went to travel on her back, and here it, the first serious purpose, a brassiere fastener, I touch it, I get acquainted with a design, it seems I think, as it to use. Surprised, what firm there were her nipples. I pushed under it the second hand and took control of the second breast.

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Also came to the senses, coming back from the magic country of love and dreams. Nearby there was one of them and tried to continue dance of this country. Serezhenka, darling, it is not necessary, I was tired. Well, Olenek, please, well once more.

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Enter, openly. Your champagne, monsieur. Here, take. I thank, the monsieur.

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Yulka was well combined, of course, it did not possess elegance of the Greek goddess, rather a type of such portly German woman, wide bones, a wide basin, massive features and blue huge eyes. I decided to act, took her hand and kissed, having slightly touched with language in a depression in the ground between an index and middle finger, the kiss between feet turned out as though. It was pleasant to Yulka. Not in forces more to suffer heat of stones we left in a room for a washing.