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My girls pottered under me, laughing and cheeping. That one, another appeared above and their hands and a foot intertwined in причудливх forms, and lips and hands appeared in the most different places and unexpected poses. Before mine the suntanned bum, a vagina with the moved apart vulvar lips, the breasts which have met together, feet on a neck at the girlfriend appeared the person that white. Generally, it was the live ball of two fine kitties frolicing without a stesniyeniye, squealing and mewing, puffing and shouting, calming down, smoothly rocking in a music rhythm.

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And here it moaned tired out to me хуй in the throat and began to finish. Hot sperm strong pushes merged in the throat I with pleasure began to swallow of its which saltishly tasty sperm there was much I everything swallowed and sucked round it fallen down хуй. He told that too likes to suck and I too terminated to it in a mouth we have a little a rest talked to it as well as men are not pleasant to me but very much it is pleasant to suck and jerk off and it as well as I love ебать women and group sex. Agreed for other week will meet on the demountable apartment.

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The autumn passed for a long time for that fine time which Pushkin in due time admired, and turned into the ordinary of eternal drizzles, sodden foliage under feet and the chilled citizens who are muffling up in the paltishka under rushes of already cold wind. It was neither more nor less, and age of the Christ. Lonely she shipped in the thoughts went, appear, aimlessly, without assorting the road. Fight of two contrasts, reason and body, ended with a victory of the last which and remained today unsatisfied. it practically failed before it.

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It was a little sad, I did not want to leave it, we sat at a fire and looked at the sea and fire, baked mussels and argued on stars, this night they were especially bright and large. The girl sat down nearby, we sat, and I felt heat of her body, she put the head to me on knees, and I touched its hair. We exchanged phones, mail that in the world it would be possible to communicate. Walls gorged on and lay in a gamachka, watching us. I looked at it.