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Call on. On what he to me told. Surely today I will come. An hour later knock at a door was distributed. Having opened, I, saw it.

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In the relation mine darling developed rules of behavior concerning a sex subject. Soon I started to understand that it is pleasant to me. From one thought that my darling can change to me with whom that, or it can rape me demented more and more. But my girl was to me true. If we decided to leave on walk or to have supper in cafe I always chose a skirt in which it should go. Campaigns in restaurant were always coordinated for 3 days earlier, and all three days my any limited me in sex in order that I got hungry and was on a summit of the desires.

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Stopped conversation with the husband what to change a pose. Now Volodya appeared behind me. It was required to it, what it, having inserted me, behind could watch me a vperedistoyashchy mirror in which I and itself enjoyed that at me is very high закинута up one foot. Olga 17th part.

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Almost at once it terminated, and ordered to go to sleep to the daughter. The man the neighbor sat down on the released chaise lounge, and planted me on knees a back to itself. It dissolved my feet strongly in the parties, his member went on my both minks, everything burned and was ill. There was a night, but nevertheless there could pass people, and me as if showed all, showing my availability and openness. We left in the morning, to a heat.