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Fell to its thongs and carried out on them a hand. They were wet. I quickly removed them from it. Nadia lay motionlessly, roofing felts, having weakened from endured, roofing felts, anticipating the further. I slightly bent her feet and slightly moved apart чутьчуть more widely.

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Continued a voice. What you a floor sowing on a bed was asked by me. In your understanding I am a woman. By the way if to translate my age in years of the person, we with you age-mates.

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To sleep to you I wish, the Angel gentle, with cream wings. And simply the falls constrained sobbings rushed long ago. I was to it more, than is grateful. That I felt to him, without saying that for a long time simply stopped thinking about myself as about the woman, suddenly blossomed and began to yield the natural fruits. Both of us were lit. It also is a miracle.