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We did not think of consequences of our orgies. two days remained pleasures. we had violently sex povsyaky and everywhere. at the next caress of boobs at me flowed out молоко. он pressed a nipple still flowed out.

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To love the woman it is necessary anywhere, even in crowded places. It is a shame to tell. At me were, and now is, three cousins one for a year are more senior, other coeval, the third for a year is more younger. Now all married, two in the second time. Onito me also corrupted. We were frightened.

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Sometimes its blows were so strong that she felt, how the head of the member reaches it a bottom and strikes in it. During such instants it published loud groans, and sometimes and farted. In general, Sergey's member brought it into indescribable delight. It was such as it was pleasant to it. Rather long and moderately thick well to feel, how it hardly slides in a vagina.

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Words could not escape from my lips. I stammered and could not tell any word. Feeling such that suddenly forgot all human speech. For an instant I turned away and saw my Nastya's approximated eyes, she did not expect from me such.