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When I saw these bones fitted by skin, I understood at once that it it, my Anechka. How many Andrey stayed at a body of darling, he does not know. Underground time flows not how on a surface. That he thought in these hours, he did not want to tell.

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I married not so long ago, Irka, the wife the good girl, the beauty, black hair, white skin, the passionate little girl, and still the son, slept in the afternoon, and at night arranged to us performance as young daddy I was angry, but understood that he then and, and still was angry. Arrived to Tyumen, in the disorder, in shops it is empty, the registration is not present, to get nothing only according to coupons, and coupons are not present as there are no registrations, a hopelessness, and in a week there should arrive my of Dushanbe. I knew one who will not help me, there is nobody to advise what to do, will not prompt and simply will not invite to spend the night. And despite all this, I started to work, I did not run in job searches, and sat down at the typewriter, took a small group of legal literature and started writing of the charter, the first small enterprise, before there were only cooperatives, but with arrival of the new power there was a possibility to legalize underground business. But, what to do I am farther as did not know, knew only one, money for the apartment is necessary, at least to remove, then it is simple to live and only after already to buy though tiny, but the apartment.

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It laid down on a back, I fell and began to touch by lips of her hips, knees. I concerned her girl, the pisyushka was hot, internal sponges were big, they were poured and drooped a little, I concerned big sponges, licked them language with pressing, then tenderly and gently involved her lips the sponges which have drooped from passion, took them in a mouth and there began to caress language. Katya did not constrain groan. her hands seized to me hair. I touched a clitoris, played with it.

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The kiss was purely French with rough zasosy the language, the mouth opened to a limit, passionate, insatiable. Our lips flitted, languages intertwined. They filled up me on a sofa, and Yana climbed to me on a breast and drew near my person closely. I seized it by buttocks and involved in the lips.