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On the street already there was a taxi, without adventures we got inside, she called the address, and we got under way. Honest to tell, I expected on fast to bring the Cobra home, and to return back to restaurant, and there I let's light to Svetka. In the heat of my sexual dreams it is suddenly filled up on me, I became puzzled a little, but, having faced it, understood that she simply fell asleep. So we also reached to her house.

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Yulka was flattered obviously by attention of the so many men, all day it willingly communicated with fighters and officers, with pleasure posing in front of cameras of soldiers. In three days we sat down in the helicopter, reached Mozdok, and then in army почтовике departed to Moscow, everyone in the life. Coming back repeatedly to the tent in Khankala, I always remembered Yulka, her body, eyes and her flitting butterfly on a bottom. Practice Hi Egor. You already at us two weeks. I would like to look, to that you learned.

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Yana began to lick my member. I quietly groaned. Gul was silent, she did not breathe almost. It seemed, she fell asleep. Yana continued to lick my member, and I shuddered from each touch of her lips to a head of the member which everything became softer and softer. However Yana did not leave me alone about soon my member again got stronger and вздыбился, ready on new love feats and fulfillments.

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It would be necessary to it to help a little, but suitable time did not come yet for this purpose. Now I enjoyed from a situation. I liked Anton's body. Absence какоголибо a hint on fat emphasized each muscle, each vein in his body. I do not like guys, on многу hours vanishing every day in a rocking chair. Their mumpish muscles do them more similar to monkeys.