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The sea and the sun did the part, and by second day already were not appreciable almost. Walls departed, and already dreamed of acquaintance to svingersky pair. It everything did not leave these thoughts. I was in principle not against.

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Both about Lenka and about me. Men avoided me. I was opposite to myself. And here this year, under the Newest year, on the thirtieth of December, early in the morning, hours per five phone call was distributed. Hallo.

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The slanting beams of the sun which were making the way through palm leaves, wandered on her perfect body. I lay down nearby, admiring delights of the beauty. But to have a rest to me again it was not possible. Did not pass also minutes as golden damp ringlets touched my stomach, her hot greedy mouth, covered my flesh. Language of the American manufactured miracles and in few minutes I felt inflow of new forces. There is enough причмокнув, obviously being proud of the work, Sandra climbed up me, the perfected movement strung on sticking out the member.

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I lift eyes on a mirror. Ou, what breast. Lenka notices my look on a mirror, but tries not to be confused and does not try to cover a breast at all. I understand that with a lightning and hair already practically consulted and if I will release from hands a dress, now it will fall to a floor. I continue to examine already impudently her breast and accidentally I release a dress, saying that everything is ready.