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Once again. Kolya put on sports trousers, threw with a sweater, opened a door. On a threshold there was a hostess. Tomorrow. Hot in a log hut.

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So proceeded till last summer. In the last arrival to Ania, Andrey found out that the well is flooded. I had no adaptations for scuba diving. Water was ice, but I dived over and over again.

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He called mine the girlfriend and that that to it told, and at once left. you only be not afraid. I did not understand that. She me moved where that, to the very top, having approached to the door having opened it it pushed me there and closed it.

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Sandra, appear, did not notice my interest to her delights because continued about чемто to stir unceasingly, supporting the words with gesticulation. I nodded from time to time, but my member who was not possessing such endurance, started to show concern suddenly. She noticed it. Its smile became even more widely, in eyes there was a mischief. Her breast almost rested against mine.