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Он declared that I extort money from patients and that will dismiss me. Having grinned it declared that we can agree and I understood at once to what it drives, jumped from a chair and tried to escape from it, however I felt a blow to the head and fainted. I regained consciousness adhered on hands and feet to a floor, but my bottom was lifted up up and about me stood a bucket, I was one. Then it approached to a little table and got from there bottle of oil and began to pour to me it on buttocks and to shoot it with the chamber, from it I weakened a muscle of a sfinkter and from anal balls there took off. Having waited while the hole in buttocks will be tightened, it got again the хуй and sharply drove it there from pain at me darkened in eyes.

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From seen хуи the chief and his friend again began to rise And why to you to wipe, let the bitch and licks, it soiled Oleg Mikhalych told. Julia rose on a floor on knees and took in the mouth the semi-become soft brown member of the watchman smeared in her excrements, on taste it was bitterish, with a smell a calla. At first the girl nearly did not pull out, but then receded and in a minute it cleared the member, swallowing a saliva and the sperm mixed with the excrements. Everything, Vitya, bring down. It gave you, go keep sketch. We through two will finish hour the chief to the watchman addressed.