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The love and tenderness smoothly flowed to passion, to sex. After all sex it any more absolutely love, is passion with a big share of aggression, differently sex will not turn out. it is necessary to be natural, it is not necessary to imitate or be anything similar. We laid down and were again kissed gently, on her lips there was also my taste.

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The girl suggested Yury to sit down opposite to it, on that place where as that sat. Yury obediently sat down. He internally understood that this young maiden plays with it. It is pleasant.

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It seems, it will be not not prevented by an additional hand, I solved, silently approaching behind a chair. My hands silently laid down it on shoulders, fingers were easily compressed and Marina shuddered. I intercepted her hand, striving to jump out of shorts, and have a look in the eyes, striving to jump out from confusion and surprise. Continue, do not hesitate. I cheerfully smiled.

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Катя looked smartly, Andrey was too quite pleasant and with good manners and sense of humour. We sat down in the car and went on the apartment which Andrey removed in advance. По to the road bought in addition фруктыи drinks, Andrey providently bought candles. On the apartment we laid a table and Katya left in a bathroom.