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Any guests it seems it was not expected. Behind a threshold there was Marina, in black мидиюбке slightly over the knee, and an easy futbolkemayka at who, on design of model, was not the left sleeve. The T-shirt densely fitted its bust and did not hide the fact of lack of a brassiere. I wrapped up a dressing gown and began to blink eyes.

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Having told I to it that are guilty and kissed there came evening a shish kebab and alcohol were ready to the use and guests did not keep themselves long all came waiting Olya with the godmother ran in bathing suits and having laid a table we sat down I the godfather and two men drank vodka of the little girl of martini and boys beer. At midnight them sent to sleep and continued to drink and communicate vodka flew like water and I at all did not understand as was disconnected. Having risen from that that very much dried up in a throat I on found wives already dawned and having glanced on the way to water to drink saw that Katya too is not present having approached to the godfather began to bother and ask it for wives but the zero of emotions slept like a log. Я not it became farther to touch and went them farther to look for having passed on the coast of meters hundred I heard laughter from a grove which was about the coast and went there having approached closer I understood that Katya's this laughter and decided to steal up secretly. Having hidden I began to make the way closer and having crept with I saw Katya and our new acquaintance they sat on a cover and talked I did not hear on what subjects but when it began to untie her bathing suit I understood her breast became bare and he began to iron it slowly. It raised me but I did not understand where my Olya and I thought to pass having passed meters sixty I saw further that washing being kneeling in one bikinis I suck the dick of our second acquaintance thought at first to leave but then that that me stopped and I began to observe.

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On what she answered that sex with Tolik and his stout and long member very much was pleasant to it. And she is ready to strike regularly with us two in all poses as we will want. However, to our general regret, Shreds went soon обрато to St. Petersburg, and continuation of our gruppy sex of MMZh with Tolik any more was not. However, there came the moment when I fell in love with the future second wife, and wanted to tear with the old mistress Marina.

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In the head scraps of thoughts were carried by, in a mouth dried up. Well, undress, sheets, at all without hesitating, completely undressed Irina approached to me. Give I to you I will help. Well we here discussed some details of the contract, while everything suits us, but I think that the final decision should be accepted tomorrow, with a fresh mind, as if having read my thoughts, Alexey told. And now let's drink for your arrival on the Far East territory. Larissa took a big glass with martini and with obvious pleasure completely drank it.