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It sometimes raised it, kissed and again put on a floor. Fed her with slices of pineapple and again champagne. It took it on hands and carried in a room, she asked it to wait and went to a shower. Vitaly had no patience, when it entered into a bathroom, to his look the usual picture rushed not. On a blue tile clouds were scattered, they were a circle, both on walls and on a ceiling and on a floor.

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I do not know. All right, I will directly speak I will dismiss you, unless. Shivering hands I concerned its trousers and gradually unbuttoned a fly. Well, remove.

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It, having plentifully moistened fingers with a saliva, opened shutters of its sink, ironed small lips and sometimes got for a while two fingers in a vagina. This evening the spouse promised me a special surprise. When he promises, he always can be trusted. We went by the car to our house on the city suburb, so, the surprise should have sexual character. To us with the husband to both till forty two years. When we were twice younger, our sexual life was very active.

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After a two-minute action, I began short wind, palpitation became frequent and the left foot, from only the received blows as Katya was engaged easy ateletiky began to hurt, blows were sensitive, and it looked vigorously. For this moment I began to understand, what not to estimated physical force of the niece of the husband, here I fell on knees, having lifted the head up It looked at me with a grin, having threatened a foot, very tactfully hit me in a stomach bottom, I was bent in a kalachik and began to sob. I got used to dominate psychologically, and here I was humiliated by the girl who is more younger than me for eight years. Excuse, but with the problem machine, we should call the master. Well, simply with the guy got acquainted, I want that you would state an objective assessment, and advised to me purely поженски.