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And there lived Lyudochka in distant Moscow area. For me it is lovelier than you there is nobody on light, answer. By the way, during that moment and was. I did not say lies, and my member aspired to tear jeans.

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It drove me in theater, cinema, on concerts and in restaurants. It my hobbies interested and on each appointment it brought flowers or candies. It was possible to talk to it practically on any subject. Sometimes it became a pity to me that Andrey contacted such girl as I. I openly said to it that he deserves the best. But Andrey assured that loves only me.

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It is necessary to take it by the hand and to drag off far away from people, to explain that it is possible to speak and is more silent, on us and so already all look sideways. and he suggests to go to smoke in the car, there warmly and behind tinted glasses it is quite possible to check, he guessed or not. the cunning. knows that the devilishly sexual. as that on a corporate party I told to it that would have it with pleasure, if not the husband. and now in warm salon, on soft seats, stroking me on a knee and raising a hand everything is higher on a foot, looking without coming off in eyes reminds me of it.

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And now go to the. For today will suffice. And that you will lose I dressed a dress. Shorts were torn, blood.