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They did not care of that that I can not sleep and watch them. I even knew as Olga likes to be engaged and in what poses. She constantly spoke about it to the guy. But it appeared is rather stupid, and she had to tell constantly everything again. At first it very much irritated me as I was one and when Olga enjoyed I or tried to fall asleep or pretended that I sleep. But once, having seen enough of that as Olga strikes to me the dream as we make love to Olga dreamed.

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Put on and go to work. Well. I graduated from English school. Bad teacher 2. Yura, do not misbehave, us can see she told. You to me told it.

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Without the slightest complaints. Sometimes, polishing to shine its footwear, or washing a floor, I caught myself on thought that in it there is nothing such humiliating. What to live so, it is quite normal. To me it became terrible from it, I perfectly understood that, to carry a collar, to creep on a lap, to spend the night in a cellar chained in shackles and to fall the person in a bottom at the sight of the Hostess, it not absolutely human life. Certainly ours with Nastya in comparison with that that Lisa already had a property, only a drop in the ocean.