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She understood, it is impossible what to say lies. Brought the fingers to a glass and started to drive on it a forefinger on its upper edge. It subconsciously showed these that it is strongly raised. I could not breathe simply. Expecting its answer.

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Nevertheless, everything for the person defines mood. It dissolved hands in the parties, compressed in palms on a stone and it seemed to it that it embraced the mountain silishchy. Quietly suited Safo and sat down to it on a back dry hot buttocks, stroke-oared his massive neck. The victory will be for us, she firmly spoke. It turned over on a back and it sat down to it on a granite stomach, having dissolved feet. Well rebyatushka, the voice of the strategist was heard.

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I ceased to trust people. I ceased to believe in love. There can be когданибудь I will meet happiness. Can. But not in this life.

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I silently washed away from feet and hands dirt and soot. We then had a look the most pitiable. I always dreamed to try it, I told a little confusedly, forgive Anything, we will tell to nobody, she told with a cunning smile. Can be at that time me moved also envy, after all it was much more beautiful than me, and to me anybody appointments did not appoint or maybe love this aggravated feeling of a sobstvennichestvo. I already do not undertake to tell that it was.