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It was not sick, its blow as though burned me. Even it was pleasant to me. But only I managed to comprehend the first feelings as I was burned by the second blow. Olga began to strike blows as it seemed to me increasing force of blow. I bit a pillow and only постанывала in a step to its blows.

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It safely took out and gave birth to healthy four kilogram boys, having called it Serezhey. Her grandfather too called Sergey and therefore she told in the REGISTRY OFFICE that appropriates to the son a patronymic on his great-grandfather. So, Elena and Sergey had a small little son whom they worshipped. Having learned about the birth of the grandson, Sergey's mother, having rejected any prejudices, the first arrived to Elena and porodstvenny kissed it. Elena saw off the grandmother to the grandson.

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Also disappeared under a sundress. The wife a little bit moved back, then laid down on a back and his second hand already got her breasts and rumpled them and licked. And the second hand continued to manage under a sundress. Then I saw as a leg of my wife are moved apart and I understood where his hand can is now. He got over to her feet.

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I now. Yes it is, by the way, I simply remembered a joke. And I told it. Nuuu, it is dregs in a state of intoxication text to read.