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I examined all this while Michel in kitchen cooked coffee. I passed on kitchen. Michel already managed to change clothes, on it there was a short dressing gown with bright flowers and bedroom-slippers. The dressing gown left open slightly suntanned feet, they were fine. I stopped in the doorway admiring again as in a bar its figure.

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We drank for a meeting and were accepted to a dinner. As it was cool to meet child-hood friends. We so well each other understood, remembered each trick from our life. A lot of alcohol was drunk. Amin went to kitchen чтото to bring, I left in a lavatory, having left оттудова directly went to kitchen to drink waters.

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Now about actions, without dialogues. I lay on a back, Masha sat down to me on the person for hard oral sex. We were in such pose about 10 minutes, at this time children too quickened. Natasha laid down on a back, John started to do to it куни. Masha always dreamed about a big dick, after all wash all 17см.

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Then we naturally again quarreled. I home go. You I remember, your care and love And then Slavina parents left to have a rest, and he suggested me to stay with it. In the evenings we went on interesting lectures. Really the very interesting.