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Two remained to stand near a sofa. The wife turned a back to the audience and in dance under the general applause soon remained in one chulochka and thongs in shoes on a high heel. When she turned back and having lifted up hands showed the astounding breast, both female mouths were occupied on a sofa with penises. Two men having got the members expected the turn. The unique viewer there was a man in its chair.

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I cannot be here any more because they will not be sated with me never. I should leave. To leave, to return. The consciousness abandons me. Forces are not present, all of them remained there, in a corridor. Hunters took away from me everything, having thrown out an empty cover in the real world.

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Ania obediently executed its order. Now the chief began to get into Ania's buttocks even more deeply, than earlier. Ania groaned, the chief started to publish loud roar and roughly terminated it in buttocks, having strong compressed hands her breast. After they rose, Ania wiped sperm traces from the buttocks, put on and went to itself to an office.

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