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It wanted to me to drive on the scooter. Only I ahead, at a wheel, quickly agreed it. We quite quietly left a bay in the sea and when around did not remain obstacles in the form of the continents scattered on a planet, Jeanne from delight overflowing it from all nonsense pressed a gas trigger. The scooter roared and rushed to the horizon, jumping up on darkly dark blue waves.

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We with you Light were simply lost, and if we manage to be raznopoly we probably were ideal pair. Girlfriends embraced and giving vent to tears again burst out crying. Then having sharply opened a door left. Having reserved a loop from a perfume aroma. Ooze in soul exulted it tested sex with the woman and let so cannot be eternal but on какоето time she will love and be a darling.

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Now my residence, was replaced from a country mansion, with the magnificent apartment in the city center. Having entered into it, to me at once pointed to a toilet. Having forced me to the knees, near a toilet bowl. They did not beat, did not torture me, on the contrary let's eat well and quietly talked, well certainly not as with the person, but all the same.

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Thirty five. Well, it was not necessary. Well not absolutely, that is, but I meet sometimes. Elena's hand again reached to a bottle. This time it poured less.