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This acquaintance was now on vacation abroad and left by it keys that would look after the apartment and fed parrots, here now these keys were useful by the way. So we six together, approached to this apartment, guys told that it is necessary to behave very silently that Larissa did not hear, and that will be frightened and will leave, having seen us, it is necessary to wait, while it will not climb on it, and then it is possible and to enter. Guys slowly opened a door, the benefit the lock worked silently, and Shreds specially did not close a door from within on a latch. We gradually passed on kitchen, exposed binge and snack on a table and listened. We with astonishment looked at them, and they told that at the Shred the member of twenty six centimeters, and залупа in size with your fists when it for the first time with women, all of them shout under it, but when get used to such cudgel, do not lag behind it.

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Yulka was well combined, of course, it did not possess elegance of the Greek goddess, rather a type of such portly German woman, wide bones, a wide basin, massive features and blue huge eyes. I decided to act, took her hand and kissed, having slightly touched with language in a depression in the ground between an index and middle finger, the kiss between feet turned out as though. It was pleasant to Yulka. Not in forces more to suffer heat of stones we left in a room for a washing. I gathered waters in a basin, took a new piece of Turkish DURU soap and began to soap her body slowly. From the first touch on her back the small shiver ran, I continued to fall slowly to a bottom, is closer to her waist.

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Watched closely how Zhenka put on a dense condom on the member, having greased it with Zhenk's vaseline laid down nearby kissed her вгубы and only then laid down on it. it pressed buttocks in a mattress and when he tried to move apart a hand her damp vulvar lips a little, she again began to cry, and the stubborn impatient member already began slowly everything enters into it only at not was very hard. now there was enough one sharp strong movement and it completely would seize it. but he remembered, how she cried several days earlier and started to move ochenmedenno forward moving apart her vulvar lips back and touching a clitoris. suddenly the member strongly strained and the sperm stream took off for a condom. it seemed to it that from a pressure the condom will tear.

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I доглатывал its hot sperm also sucked round to it everything to a droplet. it groaned and the engine puffed. As we banged Larissa, the wife of our friend. It is a true story, about one widely known prostitute in Novosibirsk, and the heroine of many porno of rollers, how it to it became, and some bright episodes from her life in which the author who personally witnessed those events which here are described took part also, Everything occurred in a reality, only, I here do not write its surname completely, but the one who knows it at once will understand, about whom there is a speech, I well describe it. And its this portrait enough is recognizable, how for those who knows it and simply saw, and for those who with it was.