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When, having sympathized with it, the girlfriend suggested to make abortion, Elena with indignation refused. She dreamed long ago of own child, and here, at last, her dream, apparently, comes true. It safely took out and gave birth to healthy four kilogram boys, having called it Serezhey. Her grandfather too called Sergey and therefore she told in the REGISTRY OFFICE that appropriates to the son a patronymic on his great-grandfather. So, Elena and Sergey had a small little son whom they worshipped.

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Not in forces to resist to nature call, it clung shivering hips to an elastic flesh and almost moaned from intolerably strong desire when the gentle and elastic head of the member concerned the bulked-up folds of her vulvar lips. Her hips uncontrolledly moved, and, choking with passion, she enjoyed these unimaginably pleasant contacts with it. Her vulvar lips poured by passion were slightly opened, being going to receive in itself the welcome guest. The shivering Elena Vladimirovna lay, nestling on it, and dying of intolerable desire. Sensual touches of the woman lifted powerful natural instincts of possession in the sleeping young man. Almost fainting from the events with it, she felt, as, having pulled hard on it, Sergey starts to take control of it, unmistakably finding the member a way to her body.

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Explaining as it hurries, Ekaterina stretched cut-away and very much asked will meet, after a dinner. The dent was not big and he agreed. The mood at the beginning of day was spoiled, Having approached on a building and having parked the car. It rose by the eighth floor in the office. In a reception the secretary already sat. Ekaterina passed in the office, removed a short fur coat and sat down in a chair.

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And here Glory this time washed tar soap it is severe need, he explained. Even I try to wash on less often, and to have a shave too skin such. It was silent, I observed passing in the dark nights, tired people. He suggested me to rest hands against a tiled wall that I naturally and made. Its reaction did not keep itself waiting long.