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It having noticed it started to touch to me hair of a foot and shoulders and I will tell kissed on the mouth. I where was lost in myself and did not understand that but when I opened eyes saw that on me is not present that and he kisses to me a breast. Then everything lower and came to my girl I walked language shuddered from pleasure and hard began to breathe it sucked a clitoris and sometimes I tickled him nearly did not finish but it did not give. It sharply rose and his member appeared near my mouth it there was an enormous member. I understood everything both took it hands and I started to finger thought that it will be a usual suction and it was something.

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They talked, Frey it became clear what passionate this is the girl. Conversation, apparently, was forgotten. They stirred about what that detached. Yes Frey mastercharody, already told what would like a skirt and asked Dasha on what that.

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It a hair in anger tore And its old horse-radish stood, In vain three days stood. Such here the ballad, бля, the ABM old affairs, About that which gave, And I to you sing the ballad The become hoarse old thrush For what give, And what take In total that give them, Let to the bottom all drink this toast That grateful to them to be And them to idolize To them a song to howl, with it feet to wash EPILOGUE Strain off to me nectar I will drink From a vessel with a label white. And on that on a white label The sky was developed blue, Ardent wheat worries, the Heavy mature ear plays. Nuka, knock over rather a stopper And transparent strain off poisons. Strain off to me nectar I will drink. Our first experience of MZhM We with the wife reflected to invite long ago the second man in our bed, but at first I was jealous, then the wife did not want, but here in the course of time when level of trust is rather high, and sex level on the contrary, we decided on MZhM.

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Part 2. Workers моменты3 Next day, the first working day after May holidays I was more true it took away Zhenka from her house by the car and we went for work. It was in shoes on a low heel, a flared, short checkered skirt, white golfs and a blouse clasped under a throat on all buttons. as mood, I asked perfectly, I would repeat surely we will repeat. if it is honest, she told, it is my first group sex. I fooled around and to you several times, but such pleasure never received.