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You, probably, overheated. On the street such heat, he told, approaching to the refrigerator and getting a glass with juice, drink, and sit down more conveniently, relax, now at you everything will pass. To it and really it became easier from his sympathizing words. Coming to the senses, she noticed that the man standing opposite frankly admires it.

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I took a pile of disks from Kolyan's table, it picked up the bag, and we went to the next office. Well, look. Rush hour 2. Well, it too with Jackie Chan. I understood. Films turn during the lunchtime, and now for work, I ordered.

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Everything Dima did not see it, as it crept out of the house and at once crept to the pool. Dima sunbathed and did not look yet at it. I too pretended to be that sunbathing blindly, but through dark glasses watched Dima. Mine Maryam also a hairdress even made very sexual at it hair long and it connected them to the spit, to the beautiful hard spit. She swam before us holding the head over water not to wet it.