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The autumn passed for a long time for that fine time which Pushkin in due time admired, and turned into the ordinary of eternal drizzles, sodden foliage under feet and the chilled citizens who are muffling up in the paltishka under rushes of already cold wind. It was neither more nor less, and age of the Christ. Lonely she shipped in the thoughts went, appear, aimlessly, without assorting the road. Fight of two contrasts, reason and body, ended with a victory of the last which and remained today unsatisfied.

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I understood that I redden and tried to murmur чтото the muffled. Ira. I want to look. As you. you satisfy yourself. Also stretched me the vibrator.

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It rose. It removed. I admired a little. Now I became about a sofa on knees. I sincerely would like, that Anton felt the same that I just felt.

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We with Ahmed sat still some time, cut on a liqueur glass. It seemed, conversation on a subject, which Ahmed lifted last time, will not come any more, but Ahmed nevertheless started talking on this subject and told that today it should come true, other opportunity it can not be presented. Yes, he told to the Dyne that wants to have sex with it with my participation. Also that there is no at them a person, closer and more reliably, than I. The dyne at first strongly objected, but after Ahmed's arguments calmed down and as usual kept silent. Ahmed went to a bedroom, and I undressed to swimming trunks and was arranged on a sofa.