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Well, very much it would be desirable to remain with it alone. In the evening, we walked down the street while the school flashed from the next party organized by party-goers. Guy looked all the time at me, why to me it became awkward. This border between nationalities it seems as evaporated, but I all the same felt dreamily on another's planet with aliens. He almost always was silent, practically I had about чемто to ask it.

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In a short silk dressing gown in dragons. yesterday, Svetka told, come. Inconveniently, us invited. On a table in a drawing room there was a vodka bottle, snack, here obviously we were waited. Igor sat in kitchen and with a happy muzzle smoked a cigar. Girls, sat in a drawing room and unnaturally smiling about what that We spoke sat down at a table, cut, as vodka left, the situation became more relaxed.

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Это there was Victoria's photo. Photos of the husband was not. I sent them on mail the photo. Later short time we agreed to meet on a coffee cup. All worried and were very cautious, though from correspondence I already knew that children had the first experience of a meeting in a MZhM format and it was not absolutely successful.

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Looking at it, having widely placed feet kneeling, shamelessly stuck out a naked pubis where between vulvar lips the clitoris fervently sticks out, I suddenly to understanding am how fine my wife, how badly it is, in any case bad, I absolutely in eight years did not recognize her. Friday Today Friday and all conversations only about the forthcoming carousal. I perfectly know, how it for me will end. Here already all happy and drunk gather home.