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The next fifteen minutes, she screamed from its violent pushes which are powerfully ramming its bosom. It had it as if wanted to punch through, his desire is so strong. Supported by it palms under buttocks, it often jumped up on weight, having stretched in the parties which are not getting to a floor of a foot. On that, how many time it terminated on it and almost exhausted ardent love, she understood that very much it is pleasant to it. And again the bed began to creak under sounds of their voluptuous groans.

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No, it simply whore. Works as the teacher at school. Literature and Russian. And and so. And at school and houses. Sometimes on one, sometimes on two.

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As our communication was not napryazhny and pleasant. Катя looked smartly, Andrey was too quite pleasant and with good manners and sense of humour. We sat down in the car and went on the apartment which Andrey removed in advance. По to the road bought in addition фруктыи drinks, Andrey providently bought candles. On the apartment we laid a table and Katya left in a bathroom.

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I got for the first time on that part of a balcony and to time got to the huge room on style чемто reminding very cozy secret room that was available in Yury's office. Only there was not a double bed, and a set of the most convenient sofas, chairs, little tables. Fine intimate situation. Yury undertook to drive me on his apartments. It appears, at it from this room some exits were direct in its office. Olga 8th part.