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Work on business trip was coming rather long, it was necessary to carry out control and adjusting, to find out questions of relationship with partners and to train their personnel in work. In the first day in the evening, having held meeting necessary in such cases a short meeting, the collective gathered in one of numbers behind a tea wine-glass. Snack was a little, drank vodka in the small portions, discussing pressing problems, complaining of life, telling jokes, periodically leaving on a spacious balcony on a smoke break. Sergey did not smoke, but quietly treated a smoke of cigarets. Besides, in number it was stuffy, therefore it left together with all.

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Anybody could tell precisely, what is the time occupied this action. They lay a vpovalka, is noisy breathing, and continued to endure the moments of an enchanting event. San, be the friend, bring mineral waters, pipes burn. Walking upstairs in the central entrance of office, got a heel of new shoes to a lattice for cleaning of snow and scratched it, having skinned it.

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In such night glass and away To be forgotten the portveshky. And night is dark, as nonsense, is dark, And its seed is drunk Incorrect it. Novel polar and then Lyric poets will tell about How speech flew as the network trudged, And as she swore love In the kolennoloktevy. In vain the old demon was angry, And it tore a hair.

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On an exit from a cellar to us Nastya met. To its uniform of the servant, now the collar too was added. Only it is slightly less than mine. Nastenka quickly nodded it in the answer and involuntarily threw on me the fearful glance. All this reminded me a scene from the erotic film, but only here all on the present. Pain and humiliation too presents.