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The desire to possess the friend the friend was so strong that we started to undress there where stood. I extinguished light and only sparks of a New Year tree shined a room, blinking and multi-colored modulations. As there was on a table I any more do not remember. I remember only bright contrast of a cold table under me and its hot language caressing my vulvar lips and a potrepyvaniye of a clitoris. It was so pleasant, and the wave of pleasure accrued so strongly that I began silently постанывать, gave a hand to the hole and started there two fingers.

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When Sergey was already ready to be given for a cocksucking, Lera picked up his used condom. And at once started to do a deep, throat cocksucking, with three-second pauses and causing throat reduction. Sergey strained from such surprise, I continued to mass fingers an anus and a vagina, and already intended to enter into it in an anus as it was sharply discharged of member Sergey, crept up and was got on his member in a pose of the equestrian. Having made some friktsiya, laid down on Sergey and whispered enter. In entered into its anus. It was unusual feeling through a rectum wall I other member who at my friktsiya twitched felt.

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Our this main instinct is painfully invincible Friends on vacation will not forget my wife Small retreat about ours with Katya to pair. I am the small pervert, but very much I love the wife and consequently I do not want перетрахать a lot of women, but with Katya I like to do many interesting things. And Katya at me poddatlivy and to persuade her not so long and difficult therefore in sex as I wanted and will be. As was hot Katya lay on a bed obsalyutno naked having covered with a thin bed-sheet. We came into a room, I got condoms from a bedside table, and invited Seregu to sit down on a bed, and itself sat down on the other hand. I will make a reservation condoms to us names for such cases as we with Katya them do not use long ago, and a case are necessary when I give whom that потрахать Katya already was and not one, I am pleasant like as who that it enjoys my figuristy wife, but already other history.

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It showed on a standing nearby bedside table of a tablet. It will not appear. Thoughtfully, she told. The girl settled on his shoulder more conveniently.