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And half a year ago I learned to masturbate. I did it several times a day therefore during walks quite often came into toilets that in a booth to give itself this small pleasure. And in this toilet I paid attention at once to drawings on walls. The sticking-out members who are throwing up sperm, were drawn in several places. And still, in walls between booths there were holes.

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Thanks to my caresses both members stuck out as a spear. Continuing to jerk off them, I began to lick both members, moving ahead from the basis to a head. When I licked bridles of both members, guys had even to be discharged of my uvula not to terminate. Saliva plentifully flew from mouth corners, flowing down on a chin on a neck and a breast and dripping on a floor. Vladimir ceased to lick me meanwhile and quickly undressed. I loudly moaned, having felt that having risen behind me, the guy began to drive on my cat zalupy the member.