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К there passed 5 months and the aunt goes home. we said lies to it that I work, found to myself the good guy. and this pregnancy. we did not think of consequences of our orgies.

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Alenka threw a foot on a foot and drank champagne. Simeon Kuzmich occasionally glanced at smart legs of my wife, especially when it threw feet from left to right and back. Then told the history about divorce with the young wife whom could not hold neither money, nor its communications. The wife from his words was very outwardly similar to Alenycha. Wash Alenych, having apologized, was removed in a toilet room. Having raised a hem of a dress and, having lowered shorts, the wife admired the gladenky cat.

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Having taken keys at hospitable армяна and having received detailed instructions how to reach his house, we began to catch a taxi. The elderly, moustached driver agreed to bring us to the specified address only when I promised to it generously to pay a trip. Having taken away from thing hotel, we did shopping in a supermarket and, at last, went on giving the Armenian. Minutes twenty left on the road. Soon the car stopped at the small cozy lodge, a being buried in verdure orchard.

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Agreed in the evening to descend to take a walk in park, to drink there at small restaurant wine, for the evening in hotel there was a program, today there came any guitarist and still a known pevichka. Yes, while were together went in Vorontsovsky, on the Canyon, the Nikitsky garden Yes it touched yesterday beer and everything, and slept off Well, I will try Yes, thanks Yes, it is ready Take off a dress. Quicker chippy. I threw off a dress through the head. Remained in one shorts Lay down on a back. Your bitch.