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The first step and everything will repeat again All right, let so. This place for me did not prepare any other options. The first step and and everything will begin. The feeling of movement rises above and fills a stomach bottom. There it becomes heavy, as though чтото live grows in my body.

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From it all residents have keys, but only I regularly these keys forget one and I call neighbors that they opened a door from within. Naturally, I forgot a key and this time. Called and remembered that neighbors just left this apartment in the morning. And already was going to call to the following call as in a corridor easy steps and a door were heard swung open, having shown the girl семнадцативосемнадцати years, the neighbour's daughter.

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Water was ice, but I dived over and over again. I do not know, what I wanted to rescue from a bottom of this damned well. From a trip it brought one thing. Skull. Kladovshchitsa Volumes of a kladovshchiyets at our enterprise, it 38 years, very nice married woman, has the adult son.